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        Beihai Biotech regards employee development as the source of corporate growth, committed to creating a diverse, open, and trustworthy enterprise. We welcome every individual to join us, exploring the vast medical treasure trove and endless waves of scientific research in the field of life and health. Together, we aim to discover treasures, co-create a noble cause, scientifically safeguard public health, and set sail for the boundless sea of new drug development.
      • Multidimensional & Inclusive
        Multidimensional & Inclusive
        Beihai Biotech values talent acquisition, encouraging employees' multidimensional and composite development. We provide dynamic and challenging career development opportunities for everyone, fostering an environment where individuals can fully unleash their potential, and achieve personal and professional goals. We recognize and advocate for everyone to share their authentic selves and ideas, collectively propelling Beihai toward a common direction.
      • Learning & Progress
        Learning & Progress
        With a high-level, experienced founding team and an efficient workforce, Beihai Biotech fosters diverse thinking and a variety of learning activities, ensuring everyone gains richer knowledge and experience. We prioritize the mental and psychological well-being of our employees, promoting a work atmosphere characterized by 'daring to challenge, integrity and pragmatism, unity, and inclusivity,' rejecting all forms of formalism.
      • Harvest & Development
        Harvest & Development
        Beihai Biotech provides a stage without limits, dedicated to helping you achieve your best. We possess world-class products and technology platforms on an international scale. Our company offers a generous compensation and bonus system. We open up broad career advancement pathways, providing dual career path choices.
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      • R&D
      • Medical Affairs
        Medical Affairs
      • Clinical Operation
        Clinical Operation
      • Quality Control
        Quality Control
      • Business Development
        Business Development
      • Platform Support
        Platform Support
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